Employment Policies

As long-standing members of the business community, LLoyd takes a serious approach to professional practices and standards of conduct. We have clearly defined policies to guide hiring, performance and ethical behavior for our Associates.

Equal Employment Opportunity Statement

LLoyd Staffing is committed to a policy of equal opportunity for applicants and employees. It is the policy of LLoyd Staffing that all employees and applicants for employment shall be treated in a manner free of discrimination regarding race, creed, color, religion, sex, national origin, age or handicap.

If an employee believes that they have been discriminated against in their employment with LLoyd Staffing, the employee should notify management immediately.

LLoyd Staffing will not tolerate sexual harassment of any kind by anyone within the company. Any employee who believes they have been the victim of sexual harassment shall report such complaint to management for investigation and resolution.

LLoyd Policies

Based on your assignment, you may need to agree that LLoyd has the authority to conduct a drug screen and/or background check as a condition of your employment. You must also agree to abide by the HIPAA Privacy Rule, which protects an individual’s medical records and other personal information with which you may come in contact during your assignment.

The following are LLoyd’s policies and you will be required to follow these guidelines.

Drug Screening

Drug Screen Policy

Pre-employment Background Check

Investigative Consumer Report Policy
Summary of Rights Act


The Department of Health and Human Resources and
The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996

HIPAA information must be read and understood by LLoyd temporary associates for assignment(s) to healthcare facilities and other LLoyd clients as required by the above federal legislation. For any questions, please ask your LLoyd representative.


NYC Salary History Law

NYS Paid Family Leave

NYS Paid Family Leave

NYC Temporary Schedule Change Law

NYC Temporary Schedule Change Law

Sexual Harassment Policies

LLoyd Anti-Harassment Policy and Complaint Form
NYS Stop Sexual Harassment Act Notice (English)
NYS Stop Sexual Harassment Act Notice (Spanish)
NYS Sexual Harassment Fact Sheet (English)
NYS Sexual Harassment Fact Sheet (Spanish)


Families First Coronavirus Response Act (English)
Families First Coronavirus Response Act (Spanish)

Any questions about LLoyd’s Employment Policies should be directed to the LLoyd HR Department.



Email:    HR@LLoydstaffing.com
Phone:   631-777-7600, ext. 7623