If I opt for direct deposit, how long will it take for this to go into effect?

Direct Deposit forms are on the LLoyd Employed page. It is usually a two-week turnaround from the time we get the required paperwork from you.   Find out more about the necessary documents by contacting HR@LLoydstaffing.com.

The LLoyd ADP Payroll portal has locked me out after too many login attempts and a message says to contact the Administrator. Now what?

Send an email to Payroll@Lloydstaffing.com to request a password reset; or if you do not need the password reset you can wait 3+ hours and the portal will automatically reset and allow you to re-enter your password if you know it.

I do not remember my password for the LLoyd ADP Payroll portal. What should I do?

The LLoyd ADP portal main page has an option for individuals who have forgotten their password. Simply follow the instructions for reset here.

I do not have a User ID or Password for the Online Timesheet Portal that I was told to utilize?

Contact your LLoyd Talent Specialist for assistance.

How do I access the LLoyd Payroll Portal?

Click this link or the box that reads Payroll Portal on the main LLoyd Employed page.

How do I know if I should utilize an online timesheet portal or the regular paper LLoyd timesheet?

Your LLoyd Talent Specialist will let you know when you are given your assignment.

I need a timesheet – where do I get one?

Timesheets may be downloaded from the LLoyd Employed page by clicking the box that reads: Payroll Procedures & Timesheets.