Can I work overtime?

All overtime hours must be approved by your client supervisor in writing. If the client company is asking you to work overtime hours, you MUST contact your LLoyd Talent Specialist for approval.

What if I don’t want to be paid via Direct Deposit?

Your paycheck may be mailed to you or you may pick it up at a LLoyd office.

If I opt for direct deposit, how long will it take for this to go into effect?

Direct Deposit forms are on the LLoyd Employed page. It is usually a two-week turnaround from the time we get the required paperwork from you.   Find out more about the necessary documents by contacting HR@LLoydstaffing.com.

The LLoyd ADP Payroll portal has locked me out after too many login attempts and a message says to contact the Administrator. Now what?

Send an email to Payroll@Lloydstaffing.com to request a password reset; or if you do not need the password reset you can wait 3+ hours and the portal will automatically reset and allow you to re-enter your password if you know it.

I do not remember my password for the LLoyd ADP Payroll portal. What should I do?

The LLoyd ADP portal main page has an option for individuals who have forgotten their password. Simply follow the instructions for reset here.