Managing Your Skype Interview

Get your webcam ready – it’s the newest “must have” item in your job search toolkit. Screening prospective hires online saves employers time, distance and money. The Skype interview gives the interviewer a chance to gauge body language, reaction time, communication skills and gain a visual impression for quickly evaluating a candidate and deciding who moves on to the next step and who does not.

How to Annoy Your Coworkers and Lose the Assignment

Everyone seems to work with someone who grates on their nerves – at least once in awhile, if not daily. We all have our quirks and idiosyncrasies, but many of the things that irritate are easy to correct by simply being a more thoughtful coworker. It is much easier to earn the respect and support of others when you keep close check on bad habits that you may even realize you are doing.

Kids in the Office

LLoyd Staffing was recently contacted by Wall Street Journal Columnist, Sue Shellenbarger, to learn how we and other companies accommodate children in our corporate setting. One of the staff members she interviewed was Barbara Cohen Farber, Executive Director of LLoyd Administrative Staffing, with 14 years at LLoyd and nearly 30 years as a recruiter of talent.