Tee Up to Cure Type One Diabetes with Lloyd

Lloyd’s EVP, Jason Banks, will tell you the foundation of Lloyd’s Placements with a Purpose program was his mother, Diane Banks.    “Almost 9 years ago we lost the BEST MOM!” he says, “We didn’t lose her through diabetes alone, but it was a disease we saw her battle throughout her life.”

Please Send Resume

We have a huge span of generations in the workplace. Baby Boomers to Zoomers (Gen Z) – those who prefer a business card to those who will only use a vCard. All should do better at trying to appreciate and value each other’s strengths rather than dissing their differences. We text too much and talk too little. We should be embracing the varied collective knowledge that can transform companies from good to great. Our workplaces replicate our lives and it’s the blend of new and old that help us find meaning and understanding.

The Recruiter – Candidate Experience

A recruiter should never give a candidate false hope. If you don’t have an immediate opening/search that fits the individual’s skill set, you should let that person know. Be honest in how you can or cannot help them. Remember, as a recruiter your reputation is yours to establish and maintain!