Graduating to Employment

For most of my generation, graduation is terrifying, it means becoming an actual adult, with real responsibilities. I’ve just completed five weeks of a corporate internship, observing the daily ins and outs of a staffing firm, I’ve been able to hear about candidates and talent that have made really good impressions as well as some not-so-nice impressions. I also have been doing research for marketing and social recruiting projects. I am now able to come away with some advice to my fellow Millennials who are entering the job market or will soon be entering it this spring.

The Brains Behind the Brains: The New Admin

Being an Executive Assistant is not the “dead-end” job it was assumed to be in years past. The perception of the job has changed generationally, often depending on the age of the executive. The proximity to power means it can be a launching pad into the business world at large offering excellent exposure to networking contacts and the inside track on promotability. Employers now recognize the EA function as one that has fluidity and morphing capabilities.

Partying Is Such Sweet Sorrow

Holiday Office parties can be pleasant and even fun, or they can derail even the speediest fast tracker. Watch the “party politics” this season and remember that you’ll be working with these same people the next day. Acting out and making too merry might make the difference between a boost up the corporate chimney or finding coal in your cubicle.